The company

It is our goal to work together with our customers and partners in an innovative, transparent and trusting manner.

Part of
Lehmann group

Direct and independent solutions have the highest priority, especially in today's world. For us this is the prerequisite for a good and long-term cooperation.

We would like to make the way from contacting us to processing your order as uncomplicated and direct as possible.

As a part of the Lehmann Group, we have even more possibilities to fall back on logistic services, such as the use of our own ships.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The Hans Lehmann KG was founded in 1926 in Lübeck Germany
The biggest private port operator with four in-house terminals in Lübeck and their own shipping company
Multipurpose terminals for bulk cargo, general cargo, RoRo, StoRo, containers and out of gauge loads

Our environmental idea -
To create an equalizer

Sustainability is an important issue for our company in particular and today's society would be unthinkable without it.
The challenges of environmental and climate protection have become more significant for people in the world.

This is how OnePlus creates an equalizer

The responsible handling with our natural sources and the use of modern technology for less CO2 output is one of our guiding principles. In that way we are steadily on the search for new ways and optimizations for implementing these thoughts.

Due to the engagement of modern technology like an efficient forwarding software, we are able to plan for our tours the optimum route in order to avoid traffic jams or as a result construction stages.
All of the implemented trucks fulfill the current emmission standard. Moreover whenever possible, we decide for multimodal- and conventional rail transports. Our ambition is leading us also to use less paper in our offices.

  • Strengthen of environmental awareness within the company
  • Communication via Internet
  • Being substainably mobile
  • Support of environmental projects
  • Less paper work in the office

We are your contacts


Timo Berg

Managing Director

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+49 175 140 85 72

Oliver Berg

Head of Sales &
Business Development

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+49 151 744 179 12

Tim Schulze-Entrup

Head of Forwarding &

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Eugen Bitz

Manager Operations

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Marvin Dühnfort

Manager Operations

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+49 160 92 36 46 06